When the clock hit 0:00 at the end of the AFC Championship game, we jumped up and down screaming with excitement as we knew we were heading to the ‘ship! This is what every player hopes and dreams for as a little boy. Some players spend 10+ years and never get this opportunity. There was a huge, overwhelming feeling of gratitude, & all we could do was jump on our men & smother them with love.

The boys left on a Monday & we were leaving that Thursday. First up was the Friends & Family meeting where staff provided us with a schedule of events for the big week. Let’s be real though, the big question on every WAGs mind was ‘what on earth do I pack?!’ We went to the mall, we planned outfits for days and every possibility events (yes, I had an outfit for ‘what if I party with Rihanna at the club & she wants to be friends with me?’ ready to go). Ultimately I ended up wearing Lulu’s & Herraches the majority of the trip.


Once my bags were packed it was time for take off. The friends & family bus had completely stopped traffic on the 95 for the private police escort to the airport (dope AF). The family charter included all family aka a huge plane full of significant others & easily 50 children under the age of 5. Luckily they served bomb cookies, which made up for the lack of wine served. Four hours later we could say “Houston, we have landed.”  Immediately after checking in to the hotel I had to start getting ready for the Welcome Reception.

The reception was a huge event filled with drinks, food & entertainment (shoutout to the Fajita station, ya’ll killed it). We left pretty early as we were all exhausted from the day & week leading up so the decided to take the bus back to the hotel early. The highlight of the night was definitely Haley & Geneo Grissom line dancing like pros, too funny.

The boys had work early the next day so we spent our time at the Galleria Mall right across the street from us. Yo, they were blasting Fetty Wap at Louis, and had a DJ right across the way at Sephora. This mall was lit! I rested the rest of the day as we had a big night planned at the Barstool Sports party. We got about 7 WAGs together and had the ultimate girls night out. All my girls be POPPIN. The guys at Barstool went all out with an open bar & performance by Ashanti & Ja Rule. I like to think I keep it cool most of the time, but I went straight fan girl for this. Ashanti & Ja Rule?! Mesmerize?! Murdaaaaaaaaa. We died and went to heaven. But first we got pizza. Then strolled in casually at 4am. #whenintexas

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The next day was family picture day. We took the family bus to NRG Stadium and together walked through the tunnel, onto the field where the Super Bowl was going to take place 24 hours later. The big stage. This was a big ‘holy shit’ moment. This is when it hit me that wow, we are here, but more importantly, this overwhelming feeling of how proud I was of Tyler. I could go ON and on about how hard these guys work & how much they deserve to be here, but you already know that. There is a reason each and every one of those players made it there. There is a reason why they wake up at 6 and don’t get home until after dinner. There is a reason why this miss out on big moments, weddings & celebrations.  There is a reason why they spend hours in the gym & studying the playbook. And its for moments like this. And to share moments like this with the ones they loved. And I couldn’t feel more honored.

The remainder of the day was spent at our girlfriend Adrianna’s house. She had the full bbq spread and delicious drinks & treats for us. But the coolest thing about that day, amongst a hectic week, was just relaxing with the girls, being goofy & making jokes. Sitting around a couch having great conversation, meeting new people, and dancing around the house barefoot. Sometimes all you need are the simple things.


Waking up on game day there was this feeling of anxiousness- excited & nervous. My priority was just don’t stress while getting ready. My closest girlfriend on the team, Ciera & I had shirts made through a wife on the team & they looked baller! It was hot out so we went for comfy- cute & cutoffs, boots & t-shirts with the boys names on them. Once we arrived at the stadium we were on a mission for wine, and thank god we found some because what a GAME we had ahead of us.

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The first half was crazy. It was this weird feeling, because we knew we were playing like shit. Each player was not themselves. We started to have the discussion on whether we should start drinking vodka or tequila. But at the same time, we KNOW our team and what they are capable of. We knew if any team was going to make a come back, it would be this team.

As they picked up speed in the second half, I suggested we head down. Sure, we might be down by 17, but what great game doesn’t have a great come back? So we head down in a manic search for where we were supposed to be to access field access. Finally found an elevator we shared with Falcons WAGs doing the same thing… well, this is awkward. We bolted out and after running in 5 inch heels for a half hour straight, we found a helpful security guard who led us int he right direction. Surprise, we were first in line. We finished the final 2 mins of the game  & overtime watching in the tunnel on 30” tv’s 15 feet away. I’m so happy I filmed our reactions, because WHAT. A. GAME. HOLY. S*@^!!!!! We screamed and jumped and at one point I had to grab onto Ciera because I actually felt physically weak in the knees & thought I was going to faint. As family started to roll in we all screamed and eventually bolted onto the field where RED & BLUE CONFETTI filled the air & field. With a million people on the field we were lucky to find DJ & Tyler as soon as we did. We jumped on them as soon as we could & gave them a million smooches (followed by a photoshoot, obviously). Then we all rejoiced as we witnessed Goodall hand Tom the Lombardi Trophy. Revenge is sweet but victory is sweeter, baby!

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The after party we said screw the heals and changed into slippers, lulus and big t’s. We aren’t trying to impress anyone, we just won the ship! Lots of vodka. John Legend & Pitbull. Bomb ass food. On stage with Lil’ Wayne. What more can I say?

We got home at 4am, had to have our luggage dropped off at 5, and had to leave at 8. Let’s just say it was a rough morning. An amazing, fun-filled week where Tyler & I made so many memories with so many special people in our lives. We are so grateful to have been part of such an incredible organization who takes care of us like family & instills hard work, persistence & love in our families. What a season, what a game, but damn offseason you are looking too fine right now!!

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