Our Gender Reveal

Well, I always knew I wanted to pound ’em out!

Before Jaxon we always knew we wanted four children. We wanted a big family with our kids less than two years apart so that they could grow up close together, have each other’s backs, and do sports together. Well, we are two for two. We are both healthy as horses and got pregnant both times on the first try, what a blessing.

We’ve tried to keep this pregnancy a secret as long as possible. Quite frankly I wanted to Beyoncé this baby, tell no one, go into hiding & nine months later be like bam! punk’d ya’ll, I got another kid! But, once I started showing & my boobs grew drastically, it was time we told our friends & family.

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The 18 weeks ultrasound was the big one. I had been cleared for any prenatal diseases & birth defects, which is always a huge relief as parents. This in depth ultrasound just re-confirmed that we were growing a healthy baby boy or girl with ten fingers & ten toes.  It was so cool to see our child.. the baby actually looks like a human now, not an alien haha! Once the doctor got to the waist down we turned our heads so that we couldn’t see anything that would give away the gender. Once the technician knew the sex, she printed out a picture, wrote the gender down & sealed it in an envelope. For 5 days I had that envelope in my suitcase! We truly had no idea. We wanted to wait & share the moment with our closest friends & family.

We planned a trip to the Bay Area where I grew up so that my family could share the big gender reveal with us. Because we had spent the last few years in Boston, my family missed out a lot on my first pregnancy & Jaxon’s first year, as we have settled in San Diego. So we decided to make the trip up to the Bay so that we could all find out the gender together. Tyler had Facetime’d his family so they were there in spirit, as well. It was symbolic.. together we would all share in on this joy & beautiful blessing together as one.

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Chase, Tyler’s best friend & easily one of my best friends now, was in charge of finding out the gender before anyone else. He was the trusted chosen one. I had ordered the balloons before hand, & he picked them up, ready with both pink & blue confetti in hand.

Tyler & I are both very simple people. We love to travel & love big, incredible experiences, but at the end of the day we aren’t flashy by any means, & we both don’t need attention (in fact I get really awkward & tend to avoid attention). We decided to have a simple backyard Sunday barbecue with our closest friends & family. Ribs, potato salad, beers, football & Tom Petty Radio. No cheesy decorations, no  extravagant dress or reveal. Just our loved ones, good food & good times.

The time had come & we got all set up with cameras ready to capture the big moment. What I remember more than anything is right before we popped the balloon Tyler had leaned in my ear & whispered, “No matter what the sex is, it’s going to be the most beautiful thing we’ve ever done & I can’t wait.” And then… 3, 2, 1…

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IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never forget Tyler’s reaction. You can’t tell because he strategically put sunglasses and a hat on, but his tears & excitement was so beautiful & genuine. He cried tears of pure happiness & I reacted the same way. Both thrilled we were having a boy & giving Jaxon a new best friend & play pal, I was so proud & grateful for the man next to me who I was building a family with. THIS is the exact reason why I am marrying this man!

My response “I wasn’t ready for a girl!” haha!

Big thanks to my talented brother who made this video of our big reveal, enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “Our Gender Reveal

  1. This is so incredibly sweet! May God bless you all with another beautifully healthy baby boy and continue to watch over your family with love. Congratulations!! We miss you in New England!! (Jax clapping was the best part 😍)


    1. Thank you! We miss, love & have nothing but respect for the NE organization. I’m especially missing NE during this fall time, but we are SO excited for this next chapter. And I can’t wait to share it with all the readers! ❤


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