Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Okay ladies, it is OFFICIALLY December (hell to the mf* yes), and aside from the excitement of getting jacked off our Venti non fat lattes in our holiday Starbucks cups so that we can go crazy and overspend at Target on Christmas decor.. there comes the stress of what to get for our significant others. Every single year I stress about what the heck to get my man. How do I get the guy that has everything? Or anytime he wants something he just goes out and buys for himself? What do guys even like?

What I’ve learned over the years, is that men are very simple, in almost every way (I’ll be speaking more to this point later on). They want to look good, feel good, eat good, drink good & be the cool, alpha male. This is true for damn near every man out there, whether he’s tall or short, big or small, boyfriend or husband.

So I’ve put together this little cheat sheet for all you ladies who are wondering what the heck to get your man for Christmas this year. It varies in price & product- from splurging to unique stocking stuffers, you be the one to decide. But I guarantee you that your man will be much happier with these gift ideas from his badass girlfriend than another picture collage of you two. Just sayin.

And enjoy the free entertainment of the quotes from my fiancé, Tyler, including “dude, that’s sick” and “dude, that’s awesome.” I told you guys are simple. These are ideas not only from myself, but from some of my closest guy friends. Unfortunately, I had to tell them a grenade wasn’t going to make the cut.

  1. Throwback Jerseys

This is one of my favorites because there are so many options- from late, great athletic stars to movie characters. You could really step up your ‘cool wife’ points if you can track down your man’s favorite player’s college jersey. Some ‘can’t go wrong’ suggestions: throwback  Bo Jackson (Raiders), Pat Tillman (Arizona State), Derek Jeter or Babe Ruth (pinstripe Yankees), Ivan Iverson (76ers), and Shaquel O’Neil (Orlando Magic).

2. Personalized Toiletry Case

This is one of those things that a single guy just won’t go get for himself, this definitely says “my girl got this for me” (which is always a nice little trick we like to use). Guys don’t go out and get their initials printed on a nice leather toiletry bag, but every man deserves one. The whole throwing their toiletries around in a large plastic bag or amongst their clothes is not the move. Step it up to the gentleman’s world, he’ll love it. You can find a plethora of options on like this one here.

3. Game Console

During the holidays you can find great bundle deals with a gaming console, games, and headphones at places like Costco. You can go old school and get him the retro Nintendo 64, or be the cool kid on the block with the new Nintendo Switch. But if your man is a gamer, he probably already has a dedicated system he uses, so get him the new COD that recently came out, a gaming chair, or a new advanced headset so he can chat with his bros.

4. Personalized Grill Set

Not every man can cook, but every manly man can throw a steak on the grill and call it a day. Get him a grill set with his initials or his favorite team’s set at an affordable price here.

grill5. For The Drinker

So since we aren’t 21 anymore getting excited about buying handles of death, I like to think our men are interested in the finer products of drinking these days. Some cool stocking stuffers could be whiskey stones, a personalized beer mug to throw in the freezer, or an electric wine opener (my personal fave).


6. Cologne

Again, generally a gift from a female, but a necessity for every man. I mean their pheromones is what attracts us to them like an animal. When my man gets ready for date night and I smell that luxurious smell, ooo baby, it’s on like donkey kong. He gon’ get it. Go smell testing with him to see what he likes, but let’s be real ladies, at the end of the day it’s what you like. Nordstrom Rack has killer deals (I’m talking $50 for a large bottle).

7. Robe

“Dudes like to lounge.” God I love it, so simple.

8. Headphones

Whether he’s at a desk all day, on the go traveling, or in the gym, you can never go wrong with a fresh pair of updated headphones. And make sure you go wireless. You can never go wrong with Bose or you can opt to spend a little more on some swaggy Wireless Beats by Dre.

beats-by-dre-studio39. Cole Haan Shoes

This brand of shoes has taken OFF. Every guy knows this brand, and every guy wants a pair, but maybe they aren’t ready to splurge that much on shoes. I am a huge fan of Cole Haan’s because they can dress up a casual night out with a pair of jeans, or make a snazzy suit look more casual. They typically run anywhere from $150-$300, but if you’re lucky you’ll find a steal at Nordstrom Rack.

10. Socks

Some things guys always need are socks and underwear. Pass on the classic Hanes socks and go for some unique socks with swagger like Stance Socks.

11. Sound Bar

Because guys love anything electronic. Check out Costco for a great deal on a Bose sound bar.

12. Carry On Luggage

This product is SO cool, guys. If you’re going to use something awesome AND it has multiple capabilities, I am all for splurging. Raden designed a suitcase from the ground up to ease the pain of some of those old problems (like sticky wheels) and some of the newer ones too (like dead phones). This luggage has a built in battery with TWO USB ports to charge any USB device. This is gangster.


13. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

I’ve been very fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing many successful businessmen, and without a doubt, EVERY single one of them has suggested this book. It is the #1 Personal Finance Bestseller EVER. The best part is that it’s an easy read and puts ‘what they didn’t teach you in school’ in real life, easy to understand terms. Kiyosaki explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you. I’m into it.

14. Print T-Shirts

The great news about print t-shirts is you can almost always find clever ones for $15 at your local Target. They have SO many. Think throwbacks and epic movie quotes. I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve bought Ty over the year and he just loves. “Dudes love print t-shirts” and they love getting compliments on them.

alright15. Google Home or Amazon Alexa

This can be a two for one deal because both of these smart devices act as home speakers.  At an affordable price you can also opt to get the smaller versions of the Amazon smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Dot. They are having discounted deals through December!

16. Personalized Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

I got this for Ty last Christmas and he thought it was “so sick” for his man cave. Major wifey points on this easy, affordable gift. Etsy shops have a huge variety to choose from.


17. Engraved Knife

I don’t know what it is about men, but they are fascinated with fixing things, taking things apart, and being prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Get him an engraved tactical knife just in case, you know, zombies.

18. Golf Clubs

Because “business deals are made on the golf course.” Every man loves to golf, whether it be for the sport itself, or because ‘Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbiden’ and they can enjoy a nice day on the course with the bros. Golf clubs will definitely be in the splurge category, so if you’re not ready for the Callaway commitment, start with a nice, lightweight golf bag, some driver covers, or a good ol’ flask to take on the course.

19. Underwear

Again, for some reason men always need socks and underwear. And especially if you’re dating a big boy or an athlete with large thighs, these boys somehow always find ways to get holes in their underwear. I’ve come to conclusion that men love Lululemon No Boxer Boxers, My Package Trunks, and MeUndies Boxer Briefs. All are great fabric, comfortable and make your man’s ass look prime time.

mp20. A Facial

Okay, so this is something a guy 9/10 times will not buy for himself. But he will thank you when he leaves the spa feeling glowy and relaxed. There are tons of deals on Groupon, and if you get him hooked you can go together.  See what I did there.

21. Watch

This one is a little more difficult. Like sunglasses, a watch is personal preference. So unless your man has something he’s been hinting at and you know he will love, I would stray away from the investment. On the flip side, you can make a gift coupon and you can go shopping together so you know he’ll love it.

22.  Yeti Cooler

I don’t know what it is, but “dudes love Yeti’s.” Your morning brew stays hot, and your happy hour beer stays cold. Great investment.

yeti123. TRX Minimal

This gift is great if your man is into fitness, especially if he’s always on the go or traveling for work. The TRX Minimal-Fit System is essentially a portable gym set up and provides hundreds of workouts with your own bodyweight wherever you are. Actually, I might want this.

trx24. Badass Coffee Mugs

I had to include “badass” in there just for my fiancé, because he rarely ever says he wants coffee mugs. No, he wants badass coffee mugs. Think different, think funny, think absurd and probably something you would never buy for yourself, like this ‘Blow Me, I’m Hot’ mug, and this Stainless Steel Skull mug that’s “so sick.” Thanks for the badass suggestions, Ty.

dinomug25. Personalized Cuff Links

These are great little things to have, especially if your guy gets oh so fancy often. Signature personal touches like initialed cuff links or tie clip step up any suit game. Things Remembered has affordable pricing.

And when all else fails, a great blow job will bring him that holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!!

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