January: A Few Of My Favorite Things

Starting a new year I want to start sharing with you some of my favorite things- from beauty products, to baby must haves, to must watch Netflix series to books and more. There is such a wide variety of products, people and places that continuously inspire me every day and help me become a better woman. I am constantly intrigued by the question “how can I make myself better?” and hope these monthly lists will help inspire you (or just make you feel better)!

  1. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes

This is the book that absolutely changed my life. I’ve been meaning to write an entirely separate post about manifesting your dreams and utilizing the Law of Attraction, but we’ll save that lengthy rant for another time. This book teaches you how to live your best life, find the positive in damn near everything, and GET WHAT YOU WANT! Byrnes has an entire book series following “The Secret” on how to practice the Law of Attraction & bring more love and gratitude into your life, but definitely start with this! I also suggest watching the documentary on Netflix as a round up. This is where my life motto Ask, Believe, Receive comes from. And what a better way to start off 2018 than making your DREAMS your REALITY!



2.  Eminence Blueberry Exfoliating Cleanser

So I recently began getting facials on a monthly basis. Being now 7 months pregnant, the estheticians always opt to use organic products on me these days. I never really believed organic products worked, or that they weren’t ‘strong enough,’ but boy was I wrong. I left my facial with glowing skin.. and it lasted! They used Eminence Skin Care which is all organic with hand picked fresh ingredients, so you are getting 100% pure vitamins right on your skin. I told myself every time I go in I’m going to get a new Eminence product.. Oh ya, they smell AMAZING!!! It’s quite unbelievable. I suggest starting with the Blueberry Cleanser- it digs deep but isn’t too strong of an exfoliant so you can use it almost daily.


3. Anthropologie Winter Tag Sale

Apparently I’m the last person on this earth to discover Anthropologie. I mean, I always went there for their candles and assumed the entire store was too expensive for my liking. However, as I grow older I’m realizing that value and quality means so much more to me than 20 shirt from H&M that will be worn once and then get ruined in the wash. Although many of their items are expensive, they do have an incredible Sale section! Peep this sweater coat I just got 25% off during their Winter Sweater Sale.. I’m obsessed!!



5. Netflix “Black Mirror”

I’ve come to the conclusion that these episodes are just super intense, deep conversations you might have when you’re super duper stoney baloney with friends. For example “social media is just a way of social acceptance and people become obsessed with the idea of perfection and being liked.” Well, there’s an episode for that.

Each episode is mind blowing but scary true. Most of the themes are connected to new age technology and the effects on our society. This is the type of show that you have to put your phone down for and really focus, but it’s worth it. After each episode Tyler & I discuss the theme, and usually afterwards I tell myself I’m getting rid of all technology and moving to a desert island, but that lasts all 5 minutes. Regardless, incredible show! And no two episodes are related, so you can start at any season, any episode. Season 4 on Netflix was just released.

6. Lululemon Align Pants

I’ll go on the record and say these are the comfiest, most flattering yoga pants… EVER. No seriously, I own like 8 pairs. I struggled for the longest time to find the right pair of pants because your girl has a booty and some juicy thighs, so nothing fit me quite right, or I’d have to pull them up, they’d flatten my ass, etc. These pants however, are incredibly flattering. The Align Pants are extremely light and non constricting, but somehow hold everything all in just right. They can also double as leggings to wear casually. Nothing says new year, new me like a brand new set of workout clothes to get you pumped at the gym (and maybe document it via IG because.. no pic, didn’t happen, am I right?) Worth every penny!

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7. (Kids) Converse All Star Simple Slip Low Top

You know I had to add in something for the kids/mamas. I put a lot of effort into my kid’s wardrobe, in fact I LOVE shopping for Jaxon, way more than myself. However when it comes to shoes, the options for boys is slim to none. You either get Spiderman Light Up shoes (I’ve bought, so cute, but no swag), or they have adorable little man shoes, but they are usually laced, and lacing your toddler’s shoes, trying to keep them still, not once but probably 10 times during that day, is not high up on my list of priorities. SO, I recently go Jax these Converse slip on’s & they’re the perfect combo of swaggy appearance, comfort for the kids but easy enough for mama to slip on and off. Right now they’re on sale for only $26!


8. Minted.com

This isn’t exactly a product you can go out and buy today, BUT it is something I want you to keep in the back of your mind! It’s been a busy month for us, well, let’s be real, me as I am the creative, organized planner in this house! We had holiday cards, baby shower invitations, and then baby announcements and thank you’s to follow in the next upcoming months.

I discovered Minted when shopping around for holiday cards and was SO happy I decided to use them! They have so many beautiful card designs to choose from, and my favorite part was that our holiday card included a personalized note and summary of our year to our friends and family. The BEST part though- pre-labeled addresses! I hate writing out addresses, especially once my hand gets numb and my handwriting starts to get sloppy. We not only got the cards printed, but beautiful envelopes, pre-labeled addresses as well as pre-labeled return address stickers. All I had to do was put them together and wa-la, stress free! Exactly what I look for these days, efficiency baby.

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9. Vocal Artist Daisy Gray 

Lana. Jewel. Lorde. You know, all the bad ass female singer songwriters who’s voices just don’t seem to fit into our auto-tuned generation? Add Daisy Gray to the list. At just 17 years old her voice captures more experience, vulnerability, love, heart and soul than most we will ever come across.

I first fell in love with her melodramatic voice when I heard her rendition of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games.” A favorite song of mine growing up, the second I heard the moody rendition and soul in her voice I could not believe her age. I immediately closed my eyes and pictured this song over big movie scores and intense trailers.  She’s different, she’s 17 and pissed off at love, and she is going to be BIG. Be one of those who said she heard her first.  You won’t be sorry.

Follow her on Instagram: @DaisyGrayOfficial


10. Monthly Follow: @Grace.E.Allen

Every month I want to include someone on Instagram who I find so inspirational in so many ways and believe will inspire you, too! Over the last year Gracie has become one of my closest Instagram friends (weird world we live, I know, but it’s reality). We have sons similar in age, both our men are in the NFL and she just had her sweet baby girl, as I prepare for my baby #2. Needless to say, we have a lot in common!

Aside from her beauty from the inside out, her ability to bounce back and be a hot mama less than 2 months after having her second child, and her gorgeous locks and style, she is so real and humble. What I love most about her is humbleness and ability to share. So many people on social media act like everything is perfect all of the time, from relationships to materialistic items to Facetuned bodies, etc. Not Gracie, she keeps it 100 from the good to the bad to the ugly. Some days are incredible, and some days she struggles, just like you and me. She has a way of sharing that gives her followers comfort in knowing they aren’t alone, and I hope to follow in her footsteps and do the same for my followers what she has done for me. #girlpower

Make sure to follow her on Instagram @grace.e.allen and peep her blog: http://grace-allen.com/


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That’s all I’ve got for this month’s “A Few Of My Favorite Things!” Like I said, I’m constantly trying new products, open to new experiences and meeting new people so I can’t wait to share what the rest of the year has in store for me. Let’s start off 2018 right!

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  1. I so enjoy reading your ‘thebrunchingmama.com’ It gives out some interesting tidbits, but also keeps me informed (pretty much) on my family. Looking forward to the new arrival to the Riley Clan. My best to you and Tyler for the New Year. ❤

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