Rodan + Fields Lash Boost: Does It Work?

Okay, I’m sure by now you’ve seen or heard about Rodan + Fields, specifically their Lash Boost product. I’ll be the first to admit, when I saw Rodan + Fields, I immediately thought (and admittedly judged) of the Mary Kay brand. It kind of has this door to door sales woman stereotype of middle aged women shoving average make up product down your throat and having a huge Mary Kay sticker on the back of their car, in case they didn’t already tell you twenty times what they were selling. No offense to anyone who has ever sold MK, but it just has that stereotype! Ever seen Edward Scissorhands? Yeah, I think of Diane West’s character.

Anyway, that’s what I thought Rodan + Fields was. Little did I know it was one of the largest growing skin care lines in the WORLD. I especially knew it was the real deal when I was made aware that my all time favorite skin care line, Esteé Lauder Companies had acquired the brand in 2003. When one of the largest, most profitable and successful skin care lines EVER acquires you, that says something about the brand: they believe in it. And if Estee believes in it, then your girl Kristen’s going to believe in it.

A couple of my girlfriends had told me about the R+F opportunities, but it’s just not something I am truly ready to commit to or 100% interested in. They rave about the products, as I see other R+F consultants do, but I wanted to see if these products truly were all that their consultants, who are at the end of the day trying to get their paycheck, say they are. It’s one thing when a saleswoman tells you the product she’s selling works, it’s another when you yourself try it out. So after months of hearing about this infamous LashBoost product, I hit up my girlfriend who is a R+F consultant and made my first order.

My eyelashes are something I’ve always been not so fond of. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m self conscious about them, but they certainly aren’t my strongest feature. I am a natural ashy blonde, so naturally I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows. Most of my days consist of the gym and hanging out with a 1 year old, so let’s just say make up and I’s relationship, though still solid, only have dates once a week.


With a bare face, and nearly invisible eyebrows and eyelashes, sometimes I wish I had a little something to help me out on the daily. Tyler and I joke that when I have no make up on it’s my “fresh baby hamster face” (it’s a joke, guys I’m not offended). And my siblings like to ask me with my wavy blonde hair and no make up face “catching waves later, bro?” like I’m a surfer bro, real original. So yeah, I could use a little something! I tried false lashes for awhile. But because I rarely wear make up and because I’m so light featured, the lashes just LOOKED fake. They were jet black full lashes against a fresh faced blonde, it just looked too obvious to me. I never want to LOOK fake or like this takes a lot of work! So I stopped getting false lashes. Now I occasionally will wear false lashes and glue them on here and there, but again, I don’t get all done up and glitzy like that often. I need something that will help a mama out on the daily!

Having said all of this, now you know my back story on my lashes. They’re blonde, short and curly and are nearly invisible. So now my journey begins to see if this Rodan + Fields Lash Boost product truly works. I am using the Lash Boost every night before bed on a clean face, and will be updating you every 4 weeks with progress photos and let you know what I think of the product and whether or not it is worth the $150. Pictures will be taken in the same lighting/spot of the house without make up so you can truly see the difference! Also, no judging please about my eyes. Those two lines under my eyes aren’t black eyes, I got them during my second trimester with Jaxon. Apparently it’s a hormonal thing my OB says happens to some women, sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t, mine did not go away. I’ve learned to embrace them though, and Tyler happens to absolutely LOVE them, he calls them my “battle scars” (cue heart melting).

I will say so far, the purchase of Lash Boost was easy, and the product was at my doorstep in less than a week. Now let the journey begin!

*If anyone is interested in doing this with me let me know and I will put you in contact with my R+F girlfriend*

9 thoughts on “Rodan + Fields Lash Boost: Does It Work?

  1. I was skeptical at first. Wanted long lashes, but my allergies won’t allow for extensions. So, why not try Lash Boost, especially with the money back guarantee. IT WORKED!! My lashes were so amazingly long that I had to stop using Lash Boost. I could feel my lashes against my sunglasses. Use it religiously for results. It took about 4 weeks, but it’s worth the time and investment.

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  2. Hey Kristen!

    I am what I consider “Eyelash Challenged” and suffer from a most severe case of eyeIash envy. have short, sparse dark lashes that refuse to curl and even sometimes fall out leaving me bald spots. Cute,right? I successfully used Latisse for a bit but tired of it and lo and behold I am back to nothing. My nephew’s wife showed up at Christmas with a gorgeous set of lashes…I thought for sure they were extensions. Long story short, she’s using R & F. I have my esthetician looking into it but will tune in for journey as well. There is another product relatively new to the market called Factor Five Eye and Lash Serum that contains stem cells. I have had some success with that as well. Thanks again for sharing! Keep the pics coming! xoxo

    Please Take Care,

    PS…How about dem PATS???

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    1. I’ve heard both positive & negative reviews about Latisse, but more good than bad from R+F so I decided to go this route (plus the process of getting the product was super easy!) Let me know if you end up using Lash Boost and how it works out! Go Pats.. except this weekend, GO JAGS! Haha!


  3. Hey Girl – love your blog, it’s so refreshing! I have a son born a couple weeks before yours so I relate all too well to the mama struggles. Anyways, I wanted to say I had a lot of the same reservations as you about R+F. One of my best girlfriends started selling it this summer and Lash Boost lives up to the hype! It took about 6 weeks for me to see results, and after 12 weeks I was blown away. I get asked almost daily if I have fake eyelashes with just 1 coat of mascara. I’ll be checking back to see your results too but I have high hopes! Keep killing it mama!

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    1. Hey gf! Thank you so much for following my blog, as you know being a new mom is a full time job, so it’s been so fun for me to have this blog 🙂 So excited to hear LB worked for you! I’m looking forward to the progress over the next few weeks!! Fingers crossed I have the same success!


  4. I also had very light and short stubby eyelashes. Tried the extensions, but got sick of going and paying for a fill every couple of weeks. So , went back to slopping on layers of Mascara. A Nurse friend of mine sells R&F and was telling e about it, of which I was skeptical… until I saw a few more RN’s with their eyelashes full and long. I bought the LB, used it faithfully every night and after about 4-6 wks my lashes just popped!!! Now it’s been 3+ months and I only put a little mascara on and the lashes are phenomenal!!! Yes they hit my glasses !!!! I also started using the face products which are equally phenomenal!! So now, ironically, I just signed up to be a consultant.

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    1. Congrats on being a consultant! I’ve heard it’s a great job with excellent perks! I am so excited for this journey.. I’ve always wanted longer, fuller lashes but every thing I’ve tried made them look so fake (not what I’m about personally) so I’m looking forward to this time next month! I’ve tried their face mask & fell in love.. that’s my next purchase! Good luck on your R+F journey XO


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