30 Items You Actually NEED On Your Baby Registry

Well, I am officially 36 weeks and counting. Baby Conway is going to be here any day or week now and we are officially in the “safe zone.” With a million emotions going through my head, so much going on & so much to do, this is about the time when I start to have mini panic attacks about everything I “need” to do, and start making lists like a crazy woman.


Thankfully with my last pregnancy, after my fifteen to-do lists, plentiful baby registry gifts and crap I had purchased, and a hundred emotional breakdowns, I had learned a lot. The number one thing I had learned was: IT WILL ALL BE OKAY. But, aside from that HUGE lesson, I learned what I did and did not need when bringing home a baby.

We just celebrated welcoming Conway into this world with our baby “sprinkle” this last weekend and it was so amazing. I was overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have in our lives. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for the efficient registry I put together, too!

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You can spend hours looking on Pinterest about baby registry must needs, but when I take a look now as a mother, I think okay, what the hell is all this crap?! So this inspired me to make a list of your bringing-home-baby ESSENTIALS. Forget the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” and use your best resources: other moms. Here are the top 30 items I put on my registry & key products that will help you get through that first stage of motherhood with sweet baby home with you. I’ve also included a few items strictly for mama.

1. Changing Table/Dresser

2. Crib

3. Changing Pad + Cover

4. Humidifier w/ Noises

5. Dock-a-Tot Deluxe

I’d be completely lying if I wasn’t jumping for joy when this showed up on my door step. I received this product compliments of Dock-a-Tot and have never been so excited about a collaboration (and I haven’t even used it yet)! Dock-a-Tot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. This all natural, 100% cotton has received praise over the last year to help babies sleep through the night, or at the very least learn to nap and give mom a break, which we all know is crucial! Being a mom and family constantly on the go, this easy-to-transport product will be perfect for Conway to stay in routine and have a familiar sleep setting. I’ll be writing more about this product specifically once baby Conway comes and I can give you my full experience. Did I mention they have the most adorable patterns, too??

*Be sure to use this link to save $10 off your Dock-a-Tot: http://dockatot.refr.cc/32NCN83


6. Bottles + Nipples

7. Diaper Bag

8. Stroller

9. Travel Umbrella Stroller

10. Ollie World Swaddle

 I have to say, I am a HUGE fan and believer or swaddles and sleepsacks. So I was thrilled to receive this product from Ollie World Sleepsacks, aka the “Smarter Swaddle.” Swaddles allow the baby to still feel that close-knit, womb-like feeling, and promotes happy sleeping (for mommy and baby). These sleepsacks also are made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating. Even better? They are one size and transition with the baby’s growth, so you aren’t stuck buying a new swaddle every month. Sign me up!

*Who doesn’t love a deal? Save 10% The Ollie’s World & share with your friends using this code: http://theollieworld.refr.cc/kristenlouelle


11. Breastmilk Storage Bottles/Bags

12. Pacifiers

13. Prefolded Diaper Cloths

14. Breast Pump Bra

15. Dr. Browns Formula Pitcher

16. Adaptable Car Seat

17. Glider + Ottoman

18. Pack & Play

19. Playmat

20. Bouncy Gym

21. Nursing Pillow

22. High Chair

23. Bottle Warmer

24. Lorena Canal Rug

Decorating your nursery, although fun, can also be a little stressful & become expensive. But most importantly you need to think of how to make the room efficient, for both mama and baby. With Jaxon I purchased an expensive rug because “it was cute” but by the end of 6 months, between the combination of wear and tear, food, throw up & poop stains, it was a total waste. That’s why I’m super pumped to tell you about the latest product I received from Lorena Canal Rugs. All of their rugs and cushions are MACHINE WASHABLE! You don’t have to take it to get cleaned for an absurd amount- they fit right into your standard home washer and dryer. They are all natural and eco-friendly, and what I love most is that a portion of their profits support the Sakula Project, providing schooling for children in India. Did I mention how adorable they are?!


25. Bath Tub

26. Baby Monitor

27. Diaper Pail

28. Sophie the Giraffe

29. Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

I am super excited about this product I received from Binxy Baby. With Jaxon I was lugging him around everywhere in his carseat. As a stay at home mom I am the one who goes to the store, Target, etc and all of the errands so Jaxon was constantly in some sort of cart. So for almost 6 months, until he was able to sit up straight on his own, I was lugging around this chunky baby (I guess that contributed to ‘getting my arms back’) & was stacking groceries on top of him since his carseat took up the entire cart. This time around I’ll be utilizing the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock that will not only give me more cart space, but comfort for him. And if I want to- I can still put the car seat on this! The hammock holds up to 50 pounds in weight and has a safety harness. My shopping is about to become much more efficient (and cute).

*Save 10% off when you use this link: http://binxybaby.refr.cc/kristenlouelle1 




3 thoughts on “30 Items You Actually NEED On Your Baby Registry

    1. Hi Sarah! I like the Skiphop backpack bags.. they have a good amount of room and are efficient. I used to have a regular strapped diaper bag but it was just another thing to carry. I highly suggest back pack diaper bags!


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