What’s In My Hospital Bag

You know that time in your pregnancy when you’re nesting and trying to get everything together like a chicken with your head cut off?! Yeah, I’m currently in that stage. Let’s just say the house has never been cleaner.

This is also the time you finish up your LO’s nursery, get the house prepared to bring home baby, and get your baby and hospital bag packed and ready to go. These are two things I stressed out majorly with last time. I made SO many lists. Things that I HAD to have for myself and the baby. But after all that stress and Amazon orders, I don’t think I even opened my hospital bag (with the exception of using the camera). So learning from my first experience, I packed efficiently this time around, packing items I will actually need and use. Here is what’s in my bag!


  1. Charged Camera

Quite possibly one of the most important items on the list. We brought our nice camera to capture all of the moments, and I promise you you’ll want them. It was so cool looking through our pictures and it goes from me lying in the hospital, and the next one, Jaxon had joined us in the world. Don’t forget to ask docs, family, etc for your first family picture. Even bigger, don’t forget the charger!

2. Face Mask

I’ll be repeating this one, but after you’ve just given BIRTH and completely dehydrated your body, you’re going to feel like a wreck and your skin will be dry as hell. So I got these mini hydrating face masks from Target. I opt for the Peel Off Masks because you can apply and disregard your mask straight from your bed without moving.


3. Face Cleansing Wipes

Again, your skin will be feeling all types of weird after birth, so having these on hand to give yourself a little refresh and wake you up will feel amazing.

4. Shampoo + Conditioner

There is nothing like that first shower. OMG. You have no idea (but you will). Wet, clean hair… ahhh. You might want to bring your own towel too, if you prefer. But honestly, you won’t even care. YOU JUST GAVE BIRTH. To feel clean is the second best gift you’ll get at that hospital.

5. Grannie Panties

Sadly, you know one is coming. I had NO idea I’d be leaving the hospital in a straight diaper. I’m talking full grannie panties, with a HUGE pad, ice pack and witch hazel pads. There’s a lot going on down there so make sure you get some dark panties that are comfortable and strong enough to hold everything up. And of course, don’t spend too much money on them, because they will get ruined and thrown away (thankfully)!

6. Coming Home Outfit

READ THIS CAREFULLY: Your coming home outfit should be as comfortable as possible! I’ve done my research and most lists suggest a ‘cute sweater, tank and yoga pants.’ Okay, hellll to the nah. Like I said in #5, you’ll legit be wearing a diaper. I wore yoga pants and it looked like I had a heavy load in my pants, so embarrassing. I suggest your most comfortable sweat pants or a big maxi dress, something to hide the diaper situation. As far as a top, you’ll have engorged leaking nursing boobs, so I suggest a comfortable, seamless nursing bra. And screw a tight tank. Again, something I had no idea happened, your stomach will be like jello the following weeks after birth. I like to compare your stomach like a waterbed feeling. It’s awkward and you’ll want a loose tank. You can see my theme here, we aren’t going for cute, we are absolutely going for comfort!


7. Pads

My girlfriend got me a little hospital bag kit for my shower, I thought it was so adorable. It came with these thin little pads (which I was already dreading, but didn’t think much of). Well, like I said before and I’ll say again, you will be coming home in a diaper! Those first few days you are still leaking blood and lots of bodily fluid from birth, so you’ll need the heavy duty pads. I’ve never worn pads, so it was an awkward feeling, but these are the many joys of motherhood, baby!

8. Hair Brush + Ties

You’re going to look a wreck and feel a wreck. At least you can focus on what you can control like brushed hair and pulling it out of your face come breastfeeding.

9. Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Motherhood might be gross and slimy at first but we are still civilized humans, right?Brush you teeth ladies. I just got the mini travel kind you can find in the travel size section at Target.

10. Face Wash

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you know how important skin care is to me. These pregnancy hormones will sky rocket during those first weeks of birth, especially as your estrogen levels try to come back down to “normal” so this is a scary time for breakouts! I got this travel size face wash in my Estée Lauder gift set when I purchased my moisturizer. Wash your face morning and night. Plus, it will feel amazing.


11. Hydrating Face Lotion

Following #10, this is prime time traffic hour for your hormones, which will result in breakouts. When you give birth you severely dehydrate your body and skin, so make sure to keep moisturizing throughout the day. Remember I told you Estée Lauder is the best because of their gift sets?? This is a prime example when their luxury skin care travel size moisturizers come in handy.


12. Aquafor 

You can tell by now that dehydration post child birth is a theme, right? I remember I was so dehydrated, when the nurses asked me what I needed, my answer was always “apple juice!” and I don’t even drink apple juice! There was something so thirst quenching and satisfying about cold apple juice. This time I am bringing Aquafor, it’s like a vaseline based lotion if you’ve never used it. This can be used anywhere on the body- hands, feet, lips, and yes, nipples! Another item I scored in the Target Travel section.


13. Snacks

This one is key!! Not just for you, but for hubby! I don’t know about you, but if my man doesn’t eat every 2 hours, he gets grumpy. And guess who is NOT dealing with a grumpy, hungry boy right after I just delivered your child? This girl. We pack trail mix, protein bars and beef jerky- items you can keep in your bag for a few days to weeks that won’t get bad, and are ready to go. I also love these items because they are “good carbs” that will give you the much needed energy to breast feed and be awake for a few days straight.  They are also filling and will hold you and your man over, giving him enough energy to grab you guys a sandwich or pizza down the street when you’re over hospital food.


14. Phone Charger

I mean, obviously. Lots of pictures, let your family and important loved ones know the baby is finally here! But, when your phone starts blowing up- do not stress or feel obligated to respond! I think it took me two weeks to finally respond to everyone. Your focus is you and your family, the texts can wait. Don’t stress, babygirl! They will understand.

15. Nursing Bra

In the beginning stages of being a new mom and breastfeeding, I opt for comfort. Your boobs are huge and leaking, and your constantly needing to plop out a tit to feed your growing baby. You can find lots of seamless, inexpensive bras on Amazon or at Target. Again, I go for comfort and what’s affordable. Ain’t nobody seeing your nursing bra but you, and your man already thinks your sexy for giving him a child, so don’t worry about cuteness.


That’s all I got in my bag! The key here is to keep everything as simple as possible. Less is more. Comfort over cuteness. You’re almost there mamas… I believe in you!!!

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