Rodan + Fields LashBoost Review

I wrote about Rodan + Fields and my excitement of one of this year’s hottest beauty a few months back & now I’m here to tell you about my experience thus far.

I was hesitant at first to try the product because I am such a brand loyal customer & have been using the same beauty products for YEARS. So when I promote a product, you better believe it is something I believe in. Not only was this a new product I was trying, I had a hard time accepting I was buying into what I thought was a pyramid, old lady scheme. Well, jump 3 months forward, I am pleasantly surprised.

If you’re just jumping in, Rodan + Fields Lasboost is a nightly lash conditioning serum that’s claim to fame gives you longer, fuller lashes in weeks. The primary ingredients include water, Biotin & Keratin protein. At a retail price of $150 I was skeptical of starting this- that’s quite an investment! So I wanted to truly test it out for you all so I could see if it was worth the purchase.

Before Rodan + Fields LashBoost Serum:

I told myself that I was going to be strict in using this product, that way I could see true results. I started January 18th and have truthfully only missed a handful of nights applying the serum. The first 8 weeks I didn’t see much. I would look in the mirror every so often and try and convince myself that my lashes were longer, and maybe they were a LITTLE longer towards the end of 2 months. However, once I hit that magical 12 week mark, it’s like they had grown longer over night. Now I have always had short, curly, blonde lashes, so any help at all was going to be an improvement. After 12 weeks, I had the perfect length lashes. They weren’t too long where they were obnoxious, and they weren’t short anymore. I’d say I had got my money’s worth.

12 Weeks using Rodan + Fields LashBoost Serum:

Some things to note on my experience were that I wanted to salvage as much of the serum as possible. The product says to use one swipe of the serum on each eye lid every night, however I was able to use one full swipe on both lids. This allowed me to use just ONE LashBoost serum container over the course of the 12 weeks. So I really got my money’s worth.

One con is that my eyes itched in the morning. After applying the serum every night before bed, I would wake up in the morning with semi-red, itchy eyes. It was frustrating and usually gone by morning, but nonetheless, it happened. Beauty is pain, right?

Another con, and something I was forewarned about beforehand, is that the serum might leave a dark line on the line of your lids. It almost looked like leftover eyeliner. However, this also mostly disappeared after 12 weeks.

My second bottle came in mid April and I have been applying the serum every other night now. I really didn’t want to like the product as I’m a brand loyal for skin care to Estée Lauder and Dermalogica, however it totally works and I love how natural my lashes look (after all, they’re mine!). All in all I would say this product is worth the money and will in fact give you results. If you are looking for longer, fuller lashes, but don’t have the time or money for false lashes, or like me, don’t like the look of lash extensions on yourself, then this is the product for you. I’ll definitely be using this one or awhile and highly recommend it!

*UPDATE* I loved this product and the results so much that I have started selling it (along with other Rodan+Fields products) so if you are interested in trying this out for yourself email me or message me on IG (@kristenlouelle) and I can answer any questions you have!!



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