Rodan + Fields: Skin Regimen Review

A couple months back I had reunited with a friend after not seeing each other for over two years. Crazy, right?! That’s another story, but let’s just say I’m so happy she is back in my life! I had the butterflies on my way over to see her, but they immediately went away the second I saw her. It was if an ANGEL had opened the door- she was G-L-O-W-I-N-G! Literally a light was beaming from her cheekbones and the first thing I asked was “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU USING FOR YOUR SKIN?! I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!” And that was how Rodan+Fields skin regimen became a part of my daily routine.

First Lashboost got me hooked to Rodan + Fields after my own incredible results of longer, fuller, darker lashes. Now I was getting suckered into this great skin regimen. So I thought to myself, ‘why not start selling and promoting these great products?’ After all, THESE PRODUCTS WORK!


*AFTER 1 month of Reverse Brightening Skin Regimen (no filter or edits)

I immediately purchased the Reverse Brightening Skin Regimen. The Reverse Regimen is a four step multi-med skin therapy that addresses skin discoloration and brightens dull skin. These are EXACTLY the problem areas I wanted and so desperately needed to address. I’ve always had great skin and taken care of my skin, but the whole ‘having two kids’ thing does a number on your body, including your skin.

Before I started R+F Reverse Skin Regimen, I had just had Conway, sweet baby boy #2, for our growing family.  One of the many joys of pregnancy comes in the form of what is referred to as a “pregnancy mask,” far from the expected “pregnancy glow.” This “mask,” also known Melasma, is sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy because the splotches typically show up around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead in the shape of a mask. Furthermore (yes there is more, ugh), this mask dulls your skin, takes away any glow your aging ass has left, and sometimes causes acne and discoloration. Lucky me, I got it all, baby!

Every night I poured products onto my skin, I rarely wore make up, I hydrated and got monthly facials. I thought I was doing everything right. But I still couldn’t erase the damage done from both pregnancies along with years of sun exposure, partying, pollution and just life in general. I wanted so bad to have my youthful glow again!!

Enter Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening Skin Regimen.


I was lucky enough to test out the Reverse Regimen as a complimentary travel size package. Regardless of my nearly 2 weeks free of product,  I was immediately hooked when I used it Day One.

You know how sometimes you can just TELL if a product is quality or not? Kind of like tasting a good wine or steak?  You just KNOW. Might sound crazy, and I’ll be the first to say I’m a skin product snob, but I could TELL from my first use that whatever this product was made of was legit. REVERSE Brightening exfoliates, brightens, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defends against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion. Hello.

I made sure to follow the instructions to the point. With all products I test out, I want to make sure that I genuinely love the product I am promoting &/or reviewing for you guys. I never will push anything I don’t believe in!

Every morning and night I would wash/exfoliate, tone, brighten (moisturize) and finish with 50 SPF sunscreen. This process start to finish takes about two minutes. It was the first thing I did every morning and it felt nice to start my day with open, cleaned pores and moisturized, protected skin.  After week one I had already felt a difference in my skin as a whole. I could feel the moisture coming back. By two weeks my soul and confidence was coming back in regards to my skin, and after one month I had seen a night and day difference altogether. My skin was G-L-O-W-I-N-G, girl! Yasssssss.

Here are some before pictures. I am an in natural lighting and have zero make up on, fresh out of bed. You can see the discoloration in my t-zone area, “battle wounds” under my eyes, and general dullness.


The after pictures are exactly one month after using R+F Reverse Brightening. The first set of pictures are me without make up on standing in the same spot I took the BEFORE pictures exactly one month prior.



The first set of pictures you can see I am glowing again! After only two months my melsasma (pregnancy mask) and discoloration has drastically gotten better, and the “battle wounds” under my eyes that sometimes appeared as black eyes are nearly gone.


In the second set of AFTER pictures I have under eye concealer on, filled in my brows, and have lipstick /liner on. Okay when I write it out it sounds like a lot but I swear I rarely have any make up on! Look beyond the minimal make up and see that GLOW. No highlighter AT ALL. No make up remotely close to highlighter and that glow is back in action.


With all the glory comes a catch. The skin regimen is on the pricier side. The basic step regimen runs $170 as a Preferred Customer, and a one time $295 purchase for the entire regimen plus the MicroNeedle Derma Roller and Intensive Renewing Serum. I said if I’m going big, I’m going all the way, so I got the Amp It Up Special with the Derma Roller. Considering my results, it’s worth every penny. I’ve continued to use the regimen as instructed and am going into my second month of usage with still over half of the product left to use. This regimen has given me better, lasting results than any facial I’ve ever had, so really, this regimen is a steal. I can genuinely say that I feel like I have Benjamin Button-ed my own ass as my skin looks easily at least 5 years younger.


The new top things I now get complimented on are my lashes (never thought I would say that) thanks to LashBoost, and now how gorgeous, clear and glowing my skin is, thanks to the Reverse Brightening Regimen. All in all, this skin regimen is worth the splurge. An investment in YOU is ALWAYS worth it.


*If you have any questions or would like to purchase Rodan + Fields skin regimens and products, please contact me at or DM me @kristenlouelle

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