Beauty Gift Guide For Her

  1. Rituals Happiness Mist

I said this in my post on Instagram & I truly mean it when I say that this Rituals Happiness Mist and Body Spray legit makes me happy! I get sent random beauty products often, but more often than not, I’m not a fan of the products, and will never promote something I don’t genuinely like or use. THIS Spray by Rituals however is now one of my favorites and has become a part of my daily routine. Not only does it smell delicious but it is absolutely refreshing. The smell isn’t overwhelming or too sweet, it’s light and airy and gives you that clean feeling. The Rituals Body Scrub is equally as amazing!

2. Clinique “Matte Suede” lipstick

I have never got more questions in my DM’s than “what color lipstick are you wearing?” Well, drumroll please, my go to lipstick these days is a soft nude by Clinique in Matte Suede. I use my Whirl lip liner from MAC along with Boxum lipgloss in White Russian. I call this the triple threat, baby.

IMG_0246 (1).jpg

3. R+CO Thickening Spray

I actually got this spray as a Christmas gift last year from my sister and she did not let me down. After every shower I use the R+CO Thickening Spray and it just smells like your left the salon. You know how when you get your hair done professionally at a salon the smell of the products just SMELLS professional and unique? ha! That’s what this smells like. Delicious.


4. Rodan & Fields LashBoost

I cannot say enough about this product. Never in my life has anyone said to me “Wow, your lashes are beautiful, are those real?” Well, now my lashes are one of my features I am complimented on most. I actually loved the results SO much that I started selling Rodan + Fields products for fun (but mostly so I could get the discount on all of the amazing products #noshame). If you have serious questions just send me an email or DM on Instagram @kristenlouelle. I did a full review on the LashBoost here! 


5. 24K Eye Masks

I always see these models doing eye masks pre-glam so I did my research on what and why these masks are being used. The active 24k gold has the ability to expel harmful toxins and significantly hydrate your skin, increasing blood circulation, improving cellular metabolism, thus reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, and add shine to dull skin. I mean, I’m sold. Literally. So I have them a try and they literally just wake you up and have your under eyes feeling refreshed and ready to go! I love these when flying, too.

6. Deep Sea Mud Mask

I was looking for a good clay mask because I had heard amazing things about clay masks for your skin. Rich in minerals, the pure mud aids skin renewal, creating a gentle exfoliation effect that removes excess oil, toxins, and dead skin cells for a softer feel and radiant glow. This isn’t a mask you want to use every day as it can dry your skin out. So, I always make sure to use this especially when I’m feeling a break out so that it dries up all my unwanted acne. I do this Deep Sea Mud Mask about once a week!


7. Scunci’s

No one will ever know why there is no “r” in the word Scunci, but all I know is that I live in these things. My hair stylist told me years ago how damaging hair ties are for your hair. Always wearing my hair in a ponytail and bun, she told me how major breakage happens and hair ties cause split ends. SO she suggested I use scuncies, something I’ve always worn, but now wear religiously. They’re crazy cheap too! You’ll always find one on my wrist. Plus, 90’s are back in style, right?!

8. Crest Glamorous White Strips

This is my go to teeth whitening trick! Crest offers a couple whitening options (Express, Whitening, etc) but I find that the Glamorous ones give the best, quickest results. I use these before any event coming up- probably twice a month. If you have an event coming up I suggest doing the white strips 1-2 days before hand as I find the results truly settle in after a couple of days!


9. St. Tropez Self-Tanner

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to love me some tanning beds. But as you get older and your priorities change, you realize, hey, skin cancer isn’t the move. I did the Magic Sprays but those were smelly and orange. I loved airbrush but at $50 a pop it wasn’t reasonable.  Fast forward and I found St. Tropez self tanner and it is amazeballs. It’s super easy as you apply it with an applicator mit. It gives you a brown, natural look & glow. Not to mention it lasts forever! You can usually find this stocked at your local Sephora or Ulta Beauty.


10. Oribe Texturizing Spray

Oribé Dry Texturizing Spray is my favorite hair product of all time. It’s a little on the pricey side but lasts forever. It smells delicious and acts as a lightweight hairspray and texture spray. This is my go to for those beachy, sexy texturized waves. Did I mention it smells amazing? You feel like you’ve just walked out of a salon with every use.

11. Hanging Toiletry Bag

And after getting the best beauty gifts ever your girlfriend/wife/sister/friend will need a place to store her new products! One of my best and favorite recent purchases has been this toiletry bag. I travel a lot, and would have a make up bag, bring my full products, and shit was just all over the place. So I did myself a favor and basically bought everything on this list in a travel size (also a great idea for gifting)! It’s so nice to have everything in one place and easy to travel with. Plus, its cute.

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