January: My Favorite Things

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted My Favorite Things, but as you know one of my New Year’s goals is to flood your inbox with content and really turn this blogging into an empire. Yes, I said empire. Why, you ask? Well, why not?

Another one of my goals is to de-clutter my house, get rid of things I don’t use, and finish everything I do have laying around. For example, I have a million beauty products, yet I kept buying new stuff. So I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more products until I finished the ones I already have. Well, aside from saving money I am discovering some amazing products! I’ve included a few here on January’s Favorite Things.

  1. HydroFlask Water Bottle

I don’t know what it is about these water bottles or what makes them so popular, but I LVOE my Hydro Flask water bottle. I carry mine around everywhere, to every room of the house and have drank more water than ever as of late. Plus, they come in tons of cute colors and putting stickers on them seems to be a thing all the cool kids are doing. Costco has been carrying the large ones but they go pretty fast. You can always use the go-to Amazon here: HydroFlask Water Bottle.


2. Netflix “Tidying Up” 

Okay it took me about half an episode until I was already tidying up around the house, and I didn’t even make it through episode 2 because I was already out the door, on my way to TJ Maxx HomeGoods to buy a shit ton of bins, boxes and organizers for every room in the house. It is SO good, so motivating and is basically exactly the way I love to live my life: free of clutter! The show is based off of Marie Kondo’s books and KonMarie method of tidying up and living your life free of clutter. If you’re a reader, her books Spark Joy and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up are bestsellers!

I am so open with my OCD and obsession with routine & cleanliness. There is something so powerful about it- we can control it! Waking up to a clean house every day just starts your day off right. All you simply have to ask yourself is, “does this bring me joy?”


3. Nuori Perfecting Facial Oil

I received this as a sample size a few months back and it just took up room in my bathroom drawer. Following my NY resolution of using up all products I already have before buying new ones, I gave this a shot. I was hesitant to put oil on my face but now I am in love. It gave me deeeep moisture and was thick (in a good way). It also helped with overall skin tone. After cleansing this is now a staple and something I cannot live without!

4. Sun Bum Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo + conditioner is my new fav! I love it so much honestly for the smell. It reminds me of Santa Cruz, like an ocean-y coconut smell I just can’ get enough of!


5. Lack Of Color Hats

While these hats are on the pricier side, like many great things, this hat is an investment. I get so many compliments on my LOC hat and wear it as often as I can #noshame. Quality every day, baby (pictured above).

6. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

I am SUCH  firm believer in the power of homeopathic therapies- essential oils being a HUGE one for me. Our room is as tidy and relaxing as possible, featuring my favorite aromatherapy oil diffuser. Not expensive at all, this is worth the benefits! Not only do these have therapeutic benefits, but it helps relieve stress & tiredness, removes bad odors, promotes healthy sleep and adds moisture to your room.

You will have to buy some oils, as well. I suggest the lavender oil, eucalyptus oil (reminds me of being at a spa right in my own home),  & the lemon oil (sooo refreshing). Thank me later.


7. NYX Lipgloss in “Angel Food Cake”

Not much to say here except that it’s cheap, easy gloss that has that perfect babydoll touch either alone or on top of a lipstick- “Angel Food Cake” is my new go to gloss. And it’s on sale!!



8. Forever 21 Bodysuits

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I looooove me some curve hugging bodysuits. Forever 21 has become my go to spot for comfortable, affordable body suits. They fit like a glove and are generally around $15. How easy is that?!


9. Image SkinCare Daily Moisturizer

I got back and forth between this Olay daily moisturizer & this Image SkinCare Daily Moisturizer. I LOOOOVE all Image skincare products. They are loaded with Vitamin C which helps with hydration and I especially love how this daily moisturizer smells. Plus the added daily dose of SPF is dope. If you’re splurging check out the Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask, as well (I use this at least once a week)!




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