Holiday Gift Guide: Make Your Life Easier With These Gifts

Oh how I absolutely just LOVE Christmas. Everything about the holiday seasons says family, love, thought & opportunities to say ‘I listen’ to your friends & family. Hectic, non stop & traffic might ring some bells during the holiday season, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Let’s be real.. gifts can be hit or miss, whether you are the giver or receiver (that got sexual real quick, whoopsie). Will my boyfriend like that shirt? Does my mother in law hate the purse I got her? What do I get my dad? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got my dad something I found in his closet a year later unused. I always say the best investment is something you use every day- “if you use it every day it’s worth investing in.” So I started getting gifts that I know will make my loved one’s lives easier. Gifts they will actually use & say “wow, I’m so happy I have this.. makes my life so much easier.”

Efficiency is key baby!! Here are some gift ideas to give your loved ones this easier that they’ll be thanking you for later on!! I can guarantee you they will love every one of these on this list.

  1. CalPak carry-on tote

I made this purchase a couple months back and can’t believe I traveled for so long without a legitimate carry on tote. I always used my purse and stuffed as much crap as possible in it, wide open with no zipper for all to see, minimal support from my dinky purse straps fearful they were about to snap at any moment. Enter the CalPak Duffle #gamechanger Not only is it comfortable, but it has strong straps & gives you the option to carry over your shoulder. This is considered your “personal item” so you can still bring your carry on. I recently went on a trip and was shocked to see that this duffle carried just as much as my carry on! So much space. Can use for travel, gym, etc. Very lightweight. You won’t regret this purchase.


2. Sunday Scaries CBD

I am a HUGE fan of CBD & all of its benefits. To be clear there is NO THC in this CBD product (THC is what gets you “high”). I’ve experienced so many incredible benefits both physically & mentally. Sunday Scaries CBD has helped me personally with anxiety, body aches, migraines, inflammation, sleep and my personal favorite, hangovers. Their broad spectrum CBD products are 100% ready for daily use, or whenever you need to take the edge off, chill yourself out, or endure lunch with your extended family. This is for all ages, and again there is no “weed” & you won’t “get high” you’ll just chill TFO.

I personally love the tincture droplets (I use every AM & PM), as well as the gummies!

*Use discount code: KRISTENLOUELLE for 15% off your order!!


3. Neato Robot Vacuum

Hands down best investment my husband & I ever made. I find as a mom especially I am constantly cleaning, picking up messes, etc. I’m making a huge effort to be more efficient and save time where I can. We did tons of research & found that this vacuum is the best bang for your buck. The Neato is especially great if you have kids who are leaving messes & crumbs everywhere. This hand free vacuum has a charging dock station, easy to clean, can map out your rooms!! and be controlled from your PHONE/Alexa. You can literally clean your house from work or out & about. Incredible. Plus is leaves the cleanest lines ever which is so satisfying.



4. Wireless Portable Charger

One of the greatest, easiest, sleekest, inexpensive gifts you can get literally anyone- male, female, any age. We all have phones and we all have been in that “oh shit, my battery is dying” situation. And it sucks. Any time I know I’m going to be out all day I always bring my Anker portable charger. Did I mention it’s only $15? AND it holds THREE CHARGES. This can legit last you days. You’re welcome.


5. Aromatherapy Diffuser

What’s better than a clean house/bedroom and putting on your diffuser with essential oils, lighting a candle, and turning on your Himalayan salt lamp? I’ll tell ya what, nothin!! These are great for the house but I highly suggest putting one in your bedroom. My favorite bedroom essential oils are eucalyptus, lavender, and lemongrass, all of which make your room smell like a spa 🙂



6. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Look at this transition here, I’m getting good. As mentioned above this duo is clutch in your bedroom after a long day! Not only are Himalyan Salt Lamps the perfect calm lighting color, they actually serve tons of benefits. I have 4 of these in our house (bedrooms & office for early/late night working) and the light is just so incredibly tranquil.


7. Apple TV

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last 6 years, Apple TV has almost completely replaced cable TV. It’s tiny & much sleeker than a huge cable box or DVD player, and you can connect to your phone & other apps like Netflix, Hulu & my new favorite, Disney+ that has ALL your childhood favorites.

apple tv


8. Smart Speaker

To keep in theme of ‘one of the best purchases I’ve ever made’ enter smart speaker Amazon Alexa. I primarily use her for music in the house (the speakers get very loud which is nice to have the option) but also ask her questions like the weather or random facts. The Amazon Echo is so affordable and the easiest money spent. If you want something even smaller & cheaper, opt for the Amazon Dot, which makes great for your bedroom.



9. Portable Steamer

In case you didn’t know, I use all of these products religiously. The steamer comes in handy for date nights, formal wear, and especially travel!!! Portable steamers are so tiny & easy to use. WHY NOT have one? No one likes wrinkles, we’re grown ups come on now.


10. Stand Mixer

An investment but worth every penny. My KitchenAid Stand Mixer comes in handy often & creates better products because the mixer is much more efficient in mixing than my hand and little ol’ spoon. I especially love using my mixer during the holidays, prepping cookie dough in bulk & baking like crazy with the kiddos. This is a great way to include them in baking, pancakes, etc. They love helping me throw ingredients in the mixer and watching everything mix together.



11. Electric Toothbrush/Flosser

Okay this one is boring, I know, but this is definitely a ‘what was I doing before I had this’ type of product. I start every morning with my WaterPik Cordless Flosser. This gets all the plaque out, then I follow with my electric toothbrush. I chose the cordless WaterPik so that it didn’t have to be out on my bathroom counter, and I can travel with it. I charge this once a week for a couple hours while I’m out of the house & it lasts all week. You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in these two devices sooner.



12. Cold Brew Maker

We all know cold brew coffee is the new hot thing. It’s more expensive at a coffee shop but ironically it’s actually much easier to make than a regular cup of coffee.  Simply put your grinds in the Cold Brew Maker and let it seal overnight, boom cold brew coffee in your fridge in the morning without breaking the bank.



13. Reusable Straws 

How perfect would these reusable straws be for your cold brew?? I like to protect my teeth as much as possible, especially as an avid routine coffee drinker. These straws help me to just that! Carry them in your purse with a to-go collapsable straw or get a packfor the house that easily get cleaned in the dishwasher. These make great stocking stuffers!


14. Electric Wine Opener

Back on my ‘how did I do life without this product’ bullshit. Honestly who has time to deal with a cork anyway? Let’s get that bottle opened ASAP and get to drinking, baby! This electric wine opener creates a clean open, allowing your wine to breath cork free before indulging massive amounts of cheese, Real Housewives & wine with your girls.



15. Five Minute Journal 

I love this journal so much. The Five Minute Journalforces you to start each day with a positive, grateful mindset. It forces you to make daily goals, write down happy memories, and repeat your daily affirmation. And it takes just that- 5 minutes/day. Not to mention it’s like a personal calendar.. I went back to my journal from 2016 to a random page and found under 3 things great that happened today “Told all of our best friends over dinner in New York that we were expecting our first child” … now that’s cool.



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